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Plastic Signs

Halloween Signs


No matter what type of Halloween party you are going to throw, you need some authentic Halloween Signs to go along with your creepy props. Here at Halloween FX we have a whole selection of distressed Halloween Signs that will give that extra spookiness factor to all your Halloween decorations.

Not only will our Halloween Signs add an essential fear factor, but they are easy on your wallet and can be reused for years, so after the first Halloween haunted house you set up, our Halloween signs pay for themselves just by the amusement and fun you are going to get in scaring all your neighbors and friends.


Zombie Signs

Want to strike fear in the hearts of many with the all-time greatest zombie display? Then you have to check out our large selection of petrifying Zombie Signs. We have some of the best signs you are going to find, at unbeatable prices. Our signs start at $9.95, so after you've built your factory full of brain-munching zombies, you'll still be able to afford to stock your scene with some spectacular Zombie Signs, adding an additional dimension of detail, and warning your visitors of their impending doom all at once.

Everyone enjoys a good zombie zone, and with our tough and waterproof Zombie Signs warning of danger, along with some killer zombie Animated Props, or strategically placed actors, decked out in our special effects professional grade make-up, and spooky zombie contact lenses, everyone will be sure to have a frightful and thriling time in your zombified Halloween haunt!

High Voltage Signs

Get your guests ready to be electrified with our High Voltage Signs. Use these sizzling signs to add that extra dose of pizzazz to your props. Try out one of our High Voltage Signs with our Exploding Fusebox that sparks, crackles, and pops when your unsuspecting guests walk by, and you'll have them jumping and screaming for hours.

With our remarkable High Voltage Signs, you are free to spark fear and excitement into the hearts of your guests with no worries, since you did warn them with a few well placed "Caution, Danger, and High Voltage" signs.

Warning Signs

It's a great feeling when you can spook you haunt visitors even before they have entered your haunt. Achieve this feat with a few of our distressed Warning Signs. We guarantee that these signs will work wonders in your haunted venue, and be extremely believable to everyone who reads them. We know it takes a realistic set-up to induce that unsettling effect that is desired, and with our spectacular Warning Signs, we have no doubt that is just the reaction you will get!

It really makes a difference when something as simple as a reusable, tough, waterproof Warning Sign can make people shake in their boots. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on a Halloween haunt, so it's important to save money with as many little touches as possible. Our Warning Signs, and other distressed Halloween Signs will help you stretch your dollars, so that you can pack as much fright-inducing fun into your haunt as possible, without going completely broke. So go ahead and add a Scary Halloween Sign to your haunt, and let the fun being!