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Full Skeletons

Full Skeletons

There is nothing as creepy as a human skeleton prop. Scare your visitors with full skeleton props in your haunt.


Life-Sized Skeletons 

Having props that are authentic is a real plus in your Halloween decorations. Take, for instance, our Life-Sized Skeletons, that bring realism to any of your morbid scenes like no miniature skeleton could. Life-Sized Skeletons can turn your childish or humorous haunt into a frightful and unsettling affair, with this one simple alteration.

Imagine what you could turn your Psycho Doctor scene into with a few of our autopsy-quality, Life-Sized Skeletons in your arsenal. You will make everyone regret eating all that candy when they take a look at your insidious, stomach-churning dissected corpses, and have them running for the closest bathroom!

But hey, these Life-Sized Skeletons aren't only for the serious haunter, they are great for teachers too. An anatomically correct, Life-Sized Skeleton is perfect for teaching, and will last for years, without breaking the budget.

Fetal Skeletons

When you really want to bring the gore and upset the balance of nature, feel free to give our Fetal Skeletons a go; they will unnerve even the strongest of thrill seekers. This awful creation will scare or disturb all of your visitors, and you can place it just about anywhere, as it comes with a removable stand.

If you really want to bring the creeps to your Halloween haunt, you can remove the head of our Fetal Skeleton, put it in a jar of fake embalming fluid (water!), light it with one of our Ghostlights. You will surely get people's attention with this morbid scene. Our Fetal Skeleton is as scary and realistic as they come, but be prepared to be unsettled, even if you have an iron stomach.

Dog Skeletons

Putting together a blood-curdling Halloween haunted house really requires you to bring your vicious side to life. How else are you going to make it believable? If you truly want to unsettle your party-goers with your frightful Halloween Decortations, add our sinister Dog Skeleton to your Halloween haunted house. Pairing our Dog Skeleton with our Fetal Skeleton will surely put your disturbed event over the top.

Everyone is fascinated with death, whether they care to admit it or not. It's up to you and your creative imagination to see how far you are willing to take this fascination. Our Dog Skeleton may shock guests at first, but no matter how freaked out they get, you can bet they will want to see more of your gruesome Halloween haunt.

Plastic Skeletons

So you want to produce the scare factor but you don't want people getting sick form all the gore of your Halloween set-up? We can help you solve this conundrum. Our Plastic Skeletons are just real enough to scare the pants off of people without giving them nightmares for life. They are priced to make your dreams sweet too.

You can use our Plastic Skeletons in all your spooky or fun Halloween decoration ideas. Prop them, hang them, or even put some make-up on them to create a playful atmosphere. No matter what you use them for, our Plastic Skeletons adapt to any occasion, without breaking the bank!