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CO2 Fog Gun

Hook this awesome gun up to a regular cannister of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from your local welding store or gas supply store. Attach the long grey hose to a CO2 canister and you are locked and loaded! Shoots out an incredibly fast burst of bright white...
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Dry Ice & CO2

Dry Ice Fog

Nothing beats having thick and dense fog flowing at your spooky haunted house or massive Halloween party. Our dry ice fog will simply amaze you when you get it going throughout your event.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2), is a safe and fun product that can be used for lots of halloween effects. You've probably used CO2 in the past - as dry ice. Dry ice is simply CO2 in its solid state.

CO2 is usually sold as a gas, in canisters. You can get these canisters, and refills, at your local welding supply store.

When CO2 is hooked up to a machine like our CLOUD BLASTER, you can spray very dense fog out of the nozzle at an extremely rapid rate. The neat thing about CO2 fog is that it dissipates quite rapidly - in about 10-15 seconds. CO2 fog is great for stage performances, halloween prop blasts, boiler room steam, etc.


If you like dry ice, but find it difficult to purchase or store, you will love our Dry Ice Making Machine. You simply hook up the CO2 canister to this small machine and press the button. In about 60 seconds, you have a nice block of dry ice! Perfect for using in your low-ground fogger or dry ice fogger like our DEEP FREEZE fog machine, that uses only CO2 and water to produce dense ground fog. Make only what you need and save money!

Dry ice is simply CO2 gas in a solid form. You can use dry ice fog for all kinds of cool special effects, like creating bubbling beakers, spooky simmering cauldrons, and evil laboratory experiments.  

When you use our dry ice fog, you'll have hours of fog so thick and dense that you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face. Plus, unlike some fog machines that produce super hot, unbreathable fog, the fog produced by dry ice is light and cool. You and your guests will be a lot more comfortable, and you can concentrate on using all of your other spooky and devilish props to terrify people instead of constantly trying to maintain your dry ice fog.

Co2 Effects

You can use our amazing CO2 effects to blow away all of your friends and guests -  they are super simple and easy to use. These CO2 effects will add that extra wow factor to your party and Halloween haunted house that you've been searching for.

Use these fantastic CO2 effects to launch streamers and confetti, or blast your visitors with mega amounts of fog. You will have a fabulous time and really get your guests into the party mood, without having to spend a ton of money to achieve all the amazing special effects that you want to have.

Dry Ice Fog Machine

You don't have to wait until Halloween to use a dry ice fog machine. These machines are great to use whenever you want to throw a party that stands out from rest. All you need is our dry ice fog machine and some dry ice and you can have a spectacular and exciting party anytime the mood hits you.

Next time you throw a birthday party, hook up the dry ice fog machine and watch all of your guests become amazed that you would go to all the trouble of hiring special effects, when all you did was turn a switch to the on position. You will have everyone talking about your party and it did not cause you any hassle what-so-ever.

Dry Ice Machine

If you don't want to have to store a lot of dry ice or do not have a proper place to store it then no worries. You can get our dry ice machine, which makes dry ice as you need it. All you need is a cannister of CO2, which you can buy from just about any welding supply store.

After buying our money-saving dry ice machine you can make all the dry ice you need to have a fog filled party every day, if you wanted! Throw raves that your friends will be envious of, or use our dry ice machine to store up a constant supply of dry ice for your concerts and birthday parties. Whatever you use our dry ice machine, fog machines, and CO2 effects for, you are sure to be the most popular and envied party and event thrower around.