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Barrel Mech Pop Up Spitter

This inconspicuous barrel has a big surprise for anyone who gets too close!  When the mech is triggered a ghoulish head shoots upward two feet and spits water and air at your guests.   The barrel is 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide, when the...
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Hanging Prisoner Mech

This gory mech hangs up side down by its chained feet.  The life sized dummy is nearly 7 feet long with its arms dangling above its head.  While eerie on its own, when hooked up to an air compressor this prop comes takes it to the next level by...
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Zombie Drop Mech

Zombie Drop Mech   This awesome dropping mechanism allows you to drop a hungry, undead fiend on your unsuspecting guests! The prop will immediately re-set itself for the next victim. Designed to fit over a standard haunted house wall or simply...
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Animated Props

Animated Halloween Props

Animated Halloween Props


What better way to turn your average Halloween party or haunted house into a spooky thing of beauty, than stocking it full of Animated Props!. Create a beautiful and horrifying nightmare with our wide selection of electric and air-powered Animated Props. We have such realistic and chilling Animated Props that you can be sure to terrify even the bravest of souls. We guarantee our electric and pneumatic props will help you become one of the best haunt masters around.


Often times, Animatronic Props are cheap, poorly-crafted and break down all too easily. Our Animatronics are more than just simple-minded, robotic, animated props. They bring a sense of realism and fright unlike what you can achieve with an actor. We add special details and gruesome effects to our Animated Props that others couldn’t dream of. Screams are a nice compliment to our Animatronics, but incontinence is better!

We add all sorts of haunting and spine chilling effects like lighting and gruesome sounds to our Animatronics. Screeching noises, banging doors, rattling chains and spitting blood are a few of our more sinister Animatronic effects.

Halloween Props

Having amazing Halloween Props at your disposal will ensure that all of your wicked ideas come to life. For example, if your idea of a great haunt is to terrify everyone with zombies, then you will find that our zombie Halloween Props, décor and music will help you do exactly that.

We carry a huge selection of Haunted Props, from monsters, to ghouls and goblins, to vampires and zombies. In addition to our vast array of Haunted Props, we also make custom Halloween Props as well.

Electric Props

Use our simple plug-and-play Electric Props to scare your guests in a way that only professional Halloween props can do. Our ominous electric moving props range from supernatural, animated gargoyles to half-torso creations like “Twitch”. 

Our monstrous and terrifying Electric Props turn nightmares into reality. From mutated rats to giant creeping spiders - if there is a horrifying creature out there, we bring it to life with our animation experience.

Pneumatic Props

In addition to our numerous Electric Props, we also carry a great deal of Pneumatic Props. Pneumatic Props plug in to your air compressor, and turn static props into incredible twitching, writhing works of art. From hideous, animatronic jumping creatures to simple and effective pop-up mechanisms, you can automate your haunt at a professional level.

Add our Pneumatic Props to every dark corner of your haunted house. Zombies without legs try to crawl across the floor, evil clowns strangle and thrash against their nooses, and a skeleton flies up out of a coffin. These are the types of special effects you can create with our Pneumatic Props.

Professional Halloween Props

No one wants to go to a boring haunted house. People want to experience something scary and believable. Our professional Halloween Animatronics and Pneumatics will amaze and terrify all of your guests, guaranteed!

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