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Distressed Stickers

Halloween Stickers


When you have the perfect set-up for a haunt, but need to warn visitors that they are about to step into your world of nightmares, then add a few of our Distressed Halloween Stickers to your haunt, and watch the chaos ensue. You can get haunt-goers hearts racing merely with the thought of zombies, toxic waste, and high voltage.

You can add our "aged" stickers to anything as they are waterproof and can be easily cleaned. Add a little fun and subliminal suggestion with our vinyl Halloween stickers. You'll be scaring and spooking people even before they get into your haunt. And you will get a pleasant shock when you learn that our Distressed Halloween Stickers start as low as $12.95.


Scary Halloween Signs

Set up an unbelievably realistic mine scene by nailing one of our thick and sturdy "Danger, Mine" Scary Halloween Signs up, along with a few pick axes in a dirty cave. Add a few dimly-lit spotlights and guests will walk through in terror, thinking they just stepped into the set of My Bloody Valentine for real.

Add our Bloody Walls or Shadow Killer Special Effects DVD to the back wall of a dimly-lit, smoky room, along with some Scary Halloween Signs, and you will give the illusion of murder and mayhem unlike any other Halloween haunt around.

Caution Signs

You can't beat scaring people with our Distressed Caution Signs. This little Caution Sign can alter the mind set of everyone who steps into your house of horrors, allowing you to easily scare people since you have already put in their minds they might be in danger.

Use our banged up Caution Sign with any of our Startle Props to give your guests a frightful night of spooks and screams. They won't be able to resist talking about how amazing your haunt is compared to all the other, less detailed Halloween haunted houses. Concerned about the cost? Don't be, since these awesome Caution Signs run only $9.95 to $14.95 and are reusable for years.

Radiation Symbol

When you want to amp up one of our Special Effects, like our barrel full of steaming, foggy toxic waste, nothing will get your guests' minds churning and afraid like an awesome and realistic Radiation Symbol waiting to spook them.

There are all types of scenes you can use our distressed Radiation Symbol Signs for. Got your creepy Zombie Zone all set up? Then add one of our many Zombie Signs or Stickers along with a Radiation Symbol to really bring that unsettling effect home.

All of our Distressed Signs and Stickers - like the Radiation Symbol, Caution Sign, Zombie Zones, Toxic Waste and Mine Signs - come in both a durable vinyl sticker format, and sturdy plastic sign form, and look like they've gone through hell, with their specially distressed detailing. Use these signs and stickers year after year to spruce up any bare wall or frightful scene in your haunt!