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Critters & Animals

Critters and Animals

Scary Animals & Halloween Critter Prop Decorations

Creepy, slithering, and skittering critters, and flesh tearing and demonic animals, what a way to bring Halloween to horrifying life, than to invite these critters and animals to your next Halloween party or haunt. You can bring that skin crawling and ominous feeling to the crowd with just a few well placed sinister critters and animals that you can get on our site.

You can find flying bats and hungry rats, hissing cats that are lying in wait, or snakes that look ready to strike. Scatter some creepy web-weaving spiders on a few webs or really freak them out by letting them walk into a room full of nasty germ spreading cockroaches and flies. Whatever your evil tastes you can entertain your heinous designs with our array of spooky critters and devilish animals. We have hundreds to choose from, so have a blast and spook them all this Halloween night.