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Flash & Magic

Flash Cotton

Set the scene for one magical night when you use our amazing Flash Cotton. This is the most fascinating special effect you can employ to really wow your guests or audience. Flash cotton can be used for all types of special effects. One of the great things about it is that it emits actual fire, so it will give onlookers a real thrill!


There is not a magician around who does not have Flash Cotton in their arsenal. You can use our Flash Cotton with many of our different Flash Equipment, such as our Flash Pots, Hand Flashers, our Universal Flash Kit. It even works with our Confetti Launchers.

If you are a true daredevil, create the wondrous effect of holding balls of real flame in the palms of your hands! Add a little of our Sparkle Additive to really bring home the wow factor. When you dress up as a witch, warlock, magician, or even a fire wielding demon, then our Flash Cotton will give your costume an edge that will completely blow your friends minds!

Halloween Special Effects

Everyone loves going to haunted houses for the Halloween Special Effects. After all, what would be scary about a haunt that doesn't have the fog, loud noises, spooky lighting, and creepy monsters right?

But you can use Halloween Special Effects for a lot more than just a haunted house. Bring magic to all your parties and gatherings with all of the Halloween Special Effects we offer. Try our Flash Guns, Flash Paper, Confetti Machines, Streamers, Fog Machines and loud Air Cannons for all of your different special events.

Our Halloween Special Effects can be used for the 4th of July, birthdays, New Years, or just another Friday night at home. Just because our Special Effects cater towards Halloween events does not mean you are stuck using them only on Halloween.


Bring your Halloween haunted house or party to spectacular life with a little magic. Use our Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, Flash Guns, and all of our other awesome Halloween Special Effects to create a perfectly magical evening. Create an awe inspiring array of magic with our Universal Flash Kits, and you will have all your guests begging for more.

Have a fabulous time amazing your guests with our magical special effects. Criss-crossing Fireballs, Flame Throwers, and Color Flashes are all great and eye-catching magic effects that everyone will be sure to enjoy. 

Flash Paper

Give all of your party-goers a dose of excitement and awe with our sizzling Flash Paper. Got a few magic tricks that you want to kick up to the next level? Use our instant burning Flash Paper to give turn your elementary parlor tricks into works of magical mastery. You can add even more flair to your tricks when you combine our Flash Paper with some Sparkle Additive.

You'll really freak people out when you light a piece of flash paper near an unsuspecting victim in your darkened haunt. Guests will be totally freaked out by the notion of fire and mayhem.

Flash Gun

Light up the night and get your guests' hearts pounding with our stunning Flash Guns. These little Flash Guns fit in the palm of your hand and will shoot a ball of flame an unbelievable 20 feet! You will have everyone ducking for cover and shrieking in fright.

You can use these amazing Flash Guns to pull off all sorts of different tricks. They are great for any occasion where you really want to astound and wow everyone around you. You can use them for concerts, magic tricks, or you can even dance with them. These Flash Guns will completely surprise all the people around you since they are so easily concealed and unexpected.